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Custom Silicone Hose

From:Xiamen Hosingtech Auto Parts Co., Ltd     Release time:2018-04-25

Overview:Here at Hosingtech we’re proud of our custom silicone hoses and our ability to deliver superior results to our customers who need custom work done. While we carry a large variety of standard silicone hoses, including straights, elbow hose, hump hose, and heater hose, our custom silicone tube manufacturing is the cornerstone of our business.


We think the quality and workmanship of our custom hose will speak for itself. Rather than expecting our customers to be content with a workaround or a hack job solution, we strive to deliver the exact hose to the exact specifications that each customer needs.


It’s one thing if a person is purchasing silicone hose off ebay. It’s fine to have low expectations there and say “close enough.” However, when a person decides to come straight to the manufacturer, we believe that that customer should be given the power of all the resources at the manufacturer’s disposal to deliver the exact specifications the customer needs. Take advantage of the expertise of our engineering department and get the part you need done right.


Do you need a custom diameter, certain angle of hose, or precise geometrical shape? No problem. We have the tools and the know-how to produce any custom shape imaginable. Many of our customers are performing custom work on a vehicle that requires a precision fit for the hose. Nowhere is this more important than in creating a hose to duplicate an existing OEM hose. When you need the precise diameter, custom molding, and a perfect fit, we not only aim to deliver what you need, but also to exceed your expectations.

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